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Our story

From wood to vision: our story

Where did it all start? Pretty much here, where we are still based. The carpentry workshop that our family has owned for the past three decades has always been here, in our company building. We – Hannes and Michael – are brothers, first and foremost. In 2015 we also became the founders of CONDUK, and a well-synced team. We decided to combine our experience and expertise in the fields of building and interior construction from day one, which fast-tracked us into the premium segment. Best of all, our story has only just begun... We’re eager, ambitious and ready to embrace new challenges!


Our roots, our base, our home: the CONDUK head office is where everything comes together. We are a team of young, driven experts working together within a well-organised company structure. This makes it easier to work on projects in a focused, thorough way and come up with the technically sophisticated solutions that are earning us international appreciation. At CONDUK, we work and communicate in an informal yet professional way – both within our team and when dealing with our business partners. Frank, open exchanging of ideas is one of the secrets to our success. 



High quality in execution is important, but so is creative foresight. We can do both: we pour our heart and soul into every single project while keeping a cool head at the same time. Details don’t make our heads spin, but they do give them a good workout: we don’t stop until we find a solution for every design, no matter how challenging! That’s what we do – and what we believe in. And when the concepts or plans confront us with unusual architectural features, the challenge gets even more inspiring!


Our job is to fulfil our clients’ wishes, and we do so by implementing the architects’ designs scrupulously, every step of the way. That’s why we set great store by close teamwork, clear and efficient processes and absolute transparency. This way, both our clients and our other project partners can keep things under control and always stay up to date on project progress and status.