The Dry Gin & Beef Club



Raw and pure

The chosen materials emphasise different gastronomic qualities. While smooth surfaces such as polished natural stone and green wall tiles emphasise the clear, aroma-laden character of the bar and the bunches of hanging herbs and visible bottles transform this area into a kind of gin laboratory, the restaurant is characterised by rough surfaces with a great material depth: black, charred yakisugi wood, a ceiling with a structure reminiscent of a barbeque grill and a raw screed floor open up an archaic world that is both elemental and dynamic.

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Architect: Ippolito Fleitz Group
Client: Gin & Beef Berlin
Year: 2023
Area: 260m²

Photographer: Philip Kottlorz


  • 3D measurement
  • Drywall construction and painting
  • Tiles and Floor
  • Delivery and assembly of internal door
  • Delivery and assembly of custom-made furniture

Bar shelves